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Here you will find a heart meditation, my gift to you 🙂

This is an invitation to slow down. To close your eyes and bring your awareness to your breath and gently breathe, in and out.

After breathing for a couple of moments, take your attention to your heart. Imagine breathing in and out from your heart. Feeling it expand. Take your time here. How does it feel there, in your heart?

When I do this for some time, I always tap into a source of love and warmth.

⭐This love is for you⭐

After breathing into your heart for a couple of minutes, you can explore your body for places that are in need of some love and warmth. And if you have found a part of you, that could do with some, you can send it the love from your heart. Breathing into your heart, exhaling the love.

As long and as much as feels good. Knowing that all feelings and emotions are welcome.

When it feels right, a next step can be to fill your whole body with the love and warmth. You can even surround yourself with it, creating a bath of love.

After having done that, if it feels like the right thing to do, you can then send this love to others. People you love, or a situation that could do with some love.


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