To be seen, to thrive

Loving leadership in healthcare

'We are wired to belong'

Why are we - in an era of increasing wealth - seeing a growing number of people with chronic diseases, burn-out and loneliness?

With the advancements made in technology and science, you would expect that our healthcare system can cure these Western diseases. Diseases that are often a result of our lifestyle. But unfortunately, it doesn't.

A cardiologist for example is perfectly capable to perform angioplasty and prevent the worsening of heart diseases. Which fixes the symptoms, but doesn't account for stress and mental health as underlying risk factors.

Isn't that weird?

Ancient wisdom has known for a long time that our body and mind are interconnected. They discovered that compassion for both yourself and others, reduces the stress and improves mental health. As such compassion might prove to be one the most important medicines of our time.

But how is stress being created? When is stress becoming toxic? And most important, how can we deal with stress? Everyone deserves a chance for happiness. Curious to learn more? Go read the ebook!


Holistic healthcare

Where neuroscience and ancient wisdom meet

Research has shown that when you struggle to integrate your experiences, it can set off a lasting stress response. This affects our health (Felitti et al, 1998). And that is something that occurs regularly, how can you deal with that?

Ancient wisdom, supported by neuroscience, offers some tools:

  • Daring to dream
  • Feeling inside your body
  • And... to be seen!

An holistic approach where modern neurosciences and ancient wisdom meet. With free tools "to get from surviving to thriving"!  


Loving leadership

A future based on equality

Supported by loving leadership, healthcare can become a place where healthcare professionals form a trusting community that supports people to get back to thriving, where people feel safe to share their problems and get the support they need.

Where people and children not just survive, but get to thrive.

Balanced relationships, both between organisations and people, are the foundation on which this community is built. However, we come from a culture that has been shaped by competition and hierachical power. This has brought great wealth. And...

... we are missing something. Or maybe we've lost it?

In ancient traditions people sang and danced. They were sharing fairytales. Creating rituals. And they were meditating. All these things teach us about compassion. Love. Connection. Oftentimes in a playful manner.

Supported by my training in singing and (tao) meditation I create a space for transformation, filled with love and aliveness. Through being and listening for. Through connecting people.

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My method to create an impact based on love and equality, is founded on the pillars dreaming, awareness and relating. In my free ebook you can read more about this science-backed methodology,

To dream 

Getting to know your dreams is the first step. It feels fullfilling to achieve them step by step, while facing resistance and challenging emotions.

To feel

Awareness is a first step in realizing your dreams, awareness of your thoughts and feelings. Once you are aware, you can follow or change them.

To connect

Eventually knowing your dreams and gaining awareness allows you to increase your ability to connect with others. Together making the world a better place.


I support organizations by seeing and voicing the obstacles that block flow, allowing more fullfilment in the workplace. My core values are love and honesty.

As a child I believed in love. Love as a driving force to set things in motion. I lost both my parents due to cancer, my mother when I was 17, my father when I was 26. It's been the start of years of searching to find ways of integrating these life experiences.

After years of training, both in singing and (tao) meditations (with Mantak Chia, Minke de Vos, Shashi Solluna, Layla Martin and Ronja Sebastian amongst others), I'd love to transmit my teachings.

Which is why I founded Ginmi, named after my parents Giny and Michiel.

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