The universe grants you your wishes

Margo Groeneveld
01 Dec 2021

Although I enjoy leadership from a philosophical point of view, I never envisioned being a leader. Anyone who has seen me on stage knows I am not made for the big solowork. I would just freeze. For a long time I thought it was because of the lack of support from childhood, and that it would resolve over time. But it didn’t. It’s just not who I am.

So, the universe and I have had a very long heart to heart (it lasted about a year) on what it is I have to do in this world. Okay, actually I got my anwsers last year in a coaching session, I spend a year accepting it and putting it into words. Over the last weeks I got some references of people I have been working with, and it’s been so touching to see my why (creating flow / healing within systems) reflected back in them.

My intention has always been (and still is) about deep healing, in a safe, held and joyful way. Yet, patriarchy is so full of darkness. And over the last year, living the live I dreamed of only got harder. And harder. And harder… untill it fell apart. So. Why? Why, why, why…

At the start of my journey in 2020 I dedicated to supporting you in your leadership journey. I committed myself to sitting deeper than you, so I can lead. Thanks to the darkness (which really is deep attachment and traumawork), I can. At the same time, what I needed most was to feel safe and cared for. Over the last weeks I have been attracting new partnerships and support, that made me feel safe and cared for in the most surprising and touching way. Which has become easier to accept after learning (and having been modelled) to set boundaries when there is wrong-doing. Practice makes perfect…

The universe really has a way of granting you your wishes…

And the real anwser to the Why question I think is because this world, the people in it, really want to heal. And although accepting my role in this world is the hardest and most terrifying thing I have ever done, with help I’ll be translating everything I have learned (including my vision on leadership which will take out the loneliness of it) into digestable material in the upcoming months.

My first online module is currently being beta-tested (mainly by men). So, if you are curious sign up for my newsletter (, and I’ll keep you posted!

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