Pondering impact

Margo Groeneveld
24 May 2020

Every now and then, during conversations impact comes up. “If you do x,y,z, you can create more impact.” “I am taking a training to learn to have an impact”. “I desire to make an impact!”, “Now you are in a position to really make an impact.” “I need to make more of an impact.”

When impact comes up, all I can usually think is that it’s not something I want. And on second thought, what does it even mean? I don’t know about you, but for me the word impact can’t exist without power. And with power comes money.

And although I totally believe the people who want to use their impact, power and money for the better, somehow that’s always not what it looks like. Hence, my resistance to impact.

So, what is impact?

Looking at the definition of impact, it is about having a (n strong) effect on something or someone. Leaders definetely impact someone. We all do, merely by existing in relationship with others. We are relational beings, who have to feel safe, loved and seen in order to be happy and thrive. Who’s quality of life is largely determined by the quality of their relationships. And work happens to be a big part of our life.

And with that in mind, my resistance to impact is getting a little less. And it makes me curious, what does impact mean to you? And is that aligned with what you do?