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Priority no. 1

Our jobs used to be about doing our jobs, getting through all the mails, awnsering calls, getting on time to…

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Leading for prosperity? Be a good parent

Last week during dinner with friends, one of them made a comment on leadership in these times of crisis that…

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The skill of mirroring

When was the last time you have had a challenging conversation with a coworker? Can you point out the reason…

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Pondering impact

Every now and then, during conversations impact comes up. “If you do x,y,z, you can create more impact.” “I am…

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A core ingredient of building resilience: Dare to dream…

In the middle of this pandemic, it makes total sense to feel lost, to grief, to be angry. The antidote…

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Thriving group sessions online

In these times we are being forced to work online, wether we like it or not. And facilitating meetings online…

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It’s okay not to be okay

Four Core Strategies for Managing Stress and Anxiety: Repost from:

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A self-care routine

Having lost the normal structures of daily life, of work, of side-activities, of social connection, it can be hard to…

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Gastblog bij Nononsansy

Oorspronkelijke blog is terug te vinden op: Juist in tijden van stress is het belangrijk elkaar te helpen en…

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The importance of trust

“He who doesn’t trust enough, will not be trusted” – Lao Tsu The world has entered the biggest crisis it’s…

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