In celebration of sisterhood

Margo Groeneveld
14 Dec 2021

The one thing a woman should always be able to fall back on is sisterhood. I’m being so humbled and brought to tears that I get to share the stage with my teachers, so here is a shout out to them:
Layla Martin, the first teacher introducing me into the world of sexual healing.
Ronja Sebastian, who creates magic with breathwork.
Minke de Vos, a miracle worker with sexual energy.
Shashi Solluna, the best spaceholder I have ever met.
Jacqui Bishop, who has been my accountability partner over the last year

And many others who I follow but haven’t worked with one on one, e.g. Mama Gena, Ma Ananda Sarita, Rachel Maddox, Shelby Leigh and all the women I haven’t named.

When you go on a healing journey and the stakes are high (which is an understatement as the exclusion of women is detrimental to the state of our planet) you better do it with a community that will ALWAYS have your back. Can you see how much audacius fun we are going to have? And as Christmas is ahead of us, may this Christmas be a time for truth, healing and integration (it happens in that order). A time where we celebrate what has gone right and above all, let’s celebrate love. It is the most powerful force we have.