How to enhance loving relationships through social media

Margo Groeneveld
10 Oct 2021

There is polarization, plenty of it. And where there is polarization, there is no connection. No love. No conversation. And social media is aggrevating it, if not causing it. I have closed all my accounts, besides LinkedIn. I had hundreds of viewers on my Twitter-account with just a handful of followers. It felt dodgy, to say the least… posting on Instragram triggered the hell out of me, which is a great sign it’s not working for me. I’m barely using Facebook anymore.

And… I have gotten some amazing connections and exchanges because of social media. Having observed and experienced social media for some time now, here I share some take-aways I feel might enhance using social media in a more loving way;

  • Share about things that inspire you.  That you know about. That touch you. That come from your heart. Share things that are yours to share. The people who attract the most followers and positive responses are authentic, honest and in deep alignment with their truth.
  • Give credits where credits are due. Social media is an ocean of information, so if you are inspired, share the love and give credits where credits are due (and if not, well… you are the one who needs a good sleep at night). It is THE quickest way to create a sense of belonging.
  • If you like someone, let them know. Follow them! Would you like walking across the street and have everyone look at you, whispering behind your back? No one likes that. And if you don’t like them, unfollow them. Someone who unfollows you might or might not want to interact with you, but is clearly sending a message that the online relationship has ended. It might be hard, or hurtful, even worthwhile of having a conversation, but please respect it.
  • Unsollicited advice is the worst advice…. most of us are fixers, but there is much more to gain when just feeling into what is said. If you’d like to know why fixing is a not such a great idea, get my ebook.
  • Social media is a profoundly impactful medium, where bad news and negative emotions travel faster then we have ever seen. Where hearts can shrink into oblivion, not to return. People like their privacy. People like to feel safe and respected. Know when not to use social media… hard things are only getting harder on social media.

We live in a world that is just uncovering emotions and empathy. That has gotten rich by trashing boundaries. And it is reflected on social media. There are no angels in this world, only humans. Relationships are hard enough as they are… We can do without the additional hardship created by social media. Especially if you, like me, care about creating a more loving and connected world. We need radiating online examples and the more we have the easier it will be. So be intentional about what you share and why, let it come from your heart with the true intention to give and inspire (and ask others to do the same).