How to become a loving, inclusive leader

Margo Groeneveld
17 Oct 2021

The skills of a loving, integrated leader are in great demand in these times of changes as we are (hopefully) coming out of the pandemic. Archetypes are a great way to cultivate these skills. An archetype is a pattern, idea or (un)concious thought. Archetypes are amazing ways to explore parts of yourself, becoming a better version of you.

Deep down we are whole, yet life happened and we have lost touch with wholeness. Archetypes support you in reconnecting to parts of that wholeness, becoming a better and more evolved version of you through a particular idea or thought.

In the upcoming weeks I will be launching a short meditation course, working with the archetype of king/queen of love, king/queen of safety and king/queen of creativity. They will support you in:

  • Experiencing unconditional love and what it means to lead from that place
  • Tapping into safety, regarding the circumstances and finding out what blocks you from safety
  • Strenghtening your creative muscle

Just a tiny disclaimer: There is no magic pill to becoming a better leader. It takes practice, reflection and experience. It’s not for the faint hearted, which is why I wanted something deep yet gentle for you.

Through short guided meditations I will take you on the neverending yet deeply rewarding journey of growing your loving leadership skills. These meditations will offer you the essential toolkit to become a more loving, inclusive leader. And will be super easy, loving and fun to do.

Would you like to participate in the beta-launch that will start in the upcoming weeks? Learn some of my favorite meditation skills and reflective practices? Than go to Or reach out to me directly if you’d like to work one on one.