A self-care routine

Margo Groeneveld
03 May 2020

Having lost the normal structures of daily life, of work, of side-activities, of social connection, it can be hard to experience a sense of control. And it might still take some time before life will be picking up again.

I get it that people are feeling angry. Feeling lost. Or griefing.

Gigs got cancelled. Restaurants closed. Companies falling apart. People have lost loved ones. Care that is being postponed (causing even more pain and uncertainty). The isolation taking its toll. And climate change is showing. So how do you get to thriving?

One of key things is to create a daily routine, consisting of set moments during the day that light you up. That comfort you. That make you smile.

Things like: taking some time for yourself before you get up, your cup of coffee in the morning, reading your paper, a walk at a set time during the day, an online sports class, cooking, a dance-break, a look at the beautiful flowers, a meditation.

Pick three to five and create a daily routine you will love doing. It will give you a sense of control and comfort. I bet there are things you already are doing.

And make sure connecting with friends and other people is on that list too. No one can get through this time alone, they will love to hear from you!