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*trigger warning* Reclaiming my power from a narcissist

*trigger warning* Sometimes I wish I had known what would be coming my way when starting out with leadership in…

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In celebration of sisterhood

The one thing a woman should always be able to fall back on is sisterhood. I’m being so humbled and…

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Communicating for flow

When writing something, I always have a zillion questions in my mind. What language should I use? How to phrase…

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The universe grants you your wishes

Although I enjoy leadership from a philosophical point of view, I never envisioned being a leader. Anyone who has seen…

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Free masterclass Essential toolkit loving leadership

Writing from my holiday destination in Tuscany, enjoying the Tuscan sun and food. Contemplating the last two years… It’s been…

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And so, she chose love

She was done… Done with protecting you from pain. Done with all the crap thrown at her. Done with being…

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How to become a loving, inclusive leader

The skills of a loving, integrated leader are in great demand in these times of changes as we are (hopefully)…

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How to enhance loving relationships through social media

There is polarization, plenty of it. And where there is polarization, there is no connection. No love. No conversation. And…

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*trigger warning* The importance of being trauma-informed

*trigger warning on trauma* This is a story I barely share, let alone on the internet. Because when sharing this…

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Made for harmony

Last week someone asked me if I knew what would happen when you put a group of people together. And…

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